Division of Clinical Oncology

Director     Kazuhiro Yanagihara, MD, PhD

Kansai Electric Power Medical Research Institute

Selected Recent Publications

Writer Publications
Sonobe M, Okubo K, Teramukai S, Yanagihara K, Sato M, Sato T, Chen F, Sato K, Fujinaga T, Shoji T, Omasa M, Sakai H, Miyahara R, Bando T, Date H Phase II study of adjuvant vinorelbine and cisplatin in Japanese patients with completely resected stage II and III non-small cell lung cancer. Cancer Chemother Pharmacol. 74: 1199-206, 2014. Epub 2014 Sep 25
Nagai H, Kitano T, Nishimura T, Yasuda H, Nakata K, Takashima S, Kanai M, Matsumoto S, Mori Y, Kakudo Y, Sato H, Yamaguchi T, Kameno K, Kim YH, Mishima M, Yanagihara K Use of glucose solution for the alleviation of gemcitabine-induced vascular pain: a double-blind randomized crossover study. Support Care Cancer. 21: 3271-8, 2013. Epub 2013 Jul 23
Kogure Y, Ando M, Saka H, Chiba Y, Yamamoto N, Asami K, Hirashima T, Seto T, Nagase S, Otuka K, Yanagihara K, Takeda K, Okamoto I, Aoki T, Takayama K, Yamasaki M, Kudoh S, Katakami N, Miyazaki M, Nakagawa K Histology and smoking status predict survival of patients with advanced non-small-cell lung cancer. Results of West Japan Oncology Group (WJOG) Study 3906L. J Thorac Oncol. 8: 753-8, 2013
Chen F, Okubo K, Sonobe M, Shibuya K, Matsuo Y, Kim YH, Yanagihara K Bando T, Date H: Hyperfractionated irradiation with 3 cycles of induction chemotherapy in stage IIIA-N2 lung cancer. World J Surg. 36: 2858-64, 2012
Okishio K, Mio T, Kawahara M, Yoshioka H, Yanagihara K, Daimon T, Furuse K A Weekly Combination of Carboplatin and Irinotecan for Previously Untreated Extensive Disease Small-cell Lung Cancer, Results of a Minimum Follow-up of 3 Years: A Multi-center Phase II Trial JMTO LC02-02. Jpn J Clin Oncol. 42: 387-393, 2012


Director Kazuhiro Yanagihara, MD, PhD
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Researcher Toru Tanaka, MD, PhD
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